ROA'A MILAN's construction business is divided into three main operational divisions.In each division there are division managers with long experience, bring the most accurate solution to our clients and report to the managing director on a regular basis. Our main divisions are Contracting, Construction Material Supply and Manufacture of prefabricated buildings / containers.

With the vast, long term experience of our founders in this business, we are able to carry out any construction contract. We are supplying construction materials from local market or Turkey, Europe, Dubai, Kuwait


  • All kind of civil & private buildings
  • All kind of industrial buildings
  • Sports buildings
  • All kind of infrastructure works
  • Mechanical / electrical works
  • Earthworks
  • Roads
  • Sidewalks
  • Fencing and force protection systems
  • Construction maintenance & renovation
  • Piping systems & manifolds for oil industry
  • Piling systems ( driven cast in situ piling, concrete hammer piling)


  • Engineered fill
  • Aggregate & sand
  • Construction chemicals
  • Water insulation materials
  • Corrosion control systems
  • Fabricated doors and kitchens
  • All other kind of construction materials


  • Standard dry & wet containers
  • Complex office containers
  • Workers dormitory containers
  • Engineer dormitory containers
  • Complex workers dormitory containers
  • Complex engineer dormitory containers
  • Manufacture and erection of light steel buildings
    • Hangars
    • Warehouses
    • Workshops
    • Other purpose buildings


Our machinery & equipment department is consisted of two branches as explained below. We are giving rental service of heavy equipment with or without operators, as well as light vehicles. The sales department is ready to supply brand new equipment and vehicles which are fully covering the requirements of the client. Correspondingly this department is supplying all the spare parts of the subject machinery and equipment.

Sales & rental of :

  • All kind of vehicles
    • SUVs
    • Pick ups
    • Mini busses
    • Busses
    • Cars
    • Armored SUVs
    • Armored pick ups
  • All kind of heavy equipment
    • All terrain Mobile Cranes
    • Mobile cranes
    • Tower Cranes
    • Hi up cranes
    • Excavators
    • Loaders
    • Backhoe loadersz
    • Graders
    • Roller compactors
    • Forklifts
    • Water tanker trucks
    • Vacuum trucks
    • Black water trucks
    • Trailers & Trucks
  • Construction Machinery
    • Concrete batch plants
    • Asphalt batch plants
    • Concrete finishers
    • Asphalt finishers
    • Concrete pumps
    • Trans mixer trucks
    • Air compressors
    • Generator welding equipment
  • Road & pavement cleaning machines
  • Spare parts of all above machinery & equipment


  • Coaster bus shuttle service
  • Big bus shuttle service
  • Minibus shuttle service
  • Maintenance & repair of equipment
  • Cleaning of facilities
  • Periodical industrial cleaning
  • Catering

ROMC develops solutions with it's customers on the above listed services. This approach ensures our customer requirements are identified at each step along the performance contracting process.

We have skilled crews for every different service, operating the regular and special machinery & equipment to achieve the highest quality.

ROMC is qualified by the biggest companies of oil industry for several services, like periodic cleaning, industrial cleaning, personnel transportation, lifting and transportation, vehicle maintenance & repair and giving service through ongoing contracts.

ROMC has conducted numerous Investment Grade Audits (IGA). ROMC will augment, refine and update the preliminary data for the operations and maintenance baselines for shuttle service.

We developed our operation crew of drivers, Journey manager and roads safety inspectors who are well trained by big and legal companies for all the HSE requirements to work and perform in safe environment, we therefore have fitted all our vehicles and fleet with IVMS devices to monitor closely the performance of our crew , we also modify many of those vehicles to be fitted with Roll-bar.

All our fleets have maintained and kept to HSE international standards.

Caravan & Container Manufacturer

ROMC owns a  workshop that located in Basrah ,at  Zubair on an area size of 12000 SQM We are manufacturing high quality containers / caravans and light steel buildings using materials we import, such as ; sandwich panels, doors and windows (PVC & UPVC), steel parts, partitions, etc.. Combination of these high quality material with skilled workmanship and technical experience enables us to manufacture caravans answering the customer requirements by local production. Our quality is proven with the products installed on many job sites, man camps, private, government or military facilities. We are following the latest developments on material and technology in close contact with our international suppliers.
  • Standard wet & dry containers
  • Complex office containers
  • Complex worker’s dormitory containers
  • Complex engineers’ dormitory containers
  • Complex dining containers
In parallel to the caravan / container production we are producing light steel buildings like
  • Workshops
  • Warehouses
  • Houses
  • Buildings for any other functions

HSE Approach

Key Aspects of ROMC's HSE management approach involve:
  • Work Processes & Procedures
  • Communications
  • People Developing & Training
  • Audit & Assessment
  • Perfromance & Improvement
  • Regulatory compliance

It is an achievable and sustainable expectation of everyone of our staff that they should be able to go home at the end of working day without having suffered or caused harm.